SAN ANGELO, Texas — Do you find yourself eating more lately? Make sure you are eating because you are physically hungry and not for emotional reasons.

“I think we gravitate towards things we can control and that we…will make us feel better in the moment. I mean, there is no matter immediate gratification then eating something you enjoy and provides that immediate sense of relieve,” Mark Rehm, Angelo State University, Counseling Services, said.

Its not always just the instant gratifications of the food, psychologist are saying some of the ingredients in the food itself are causing people to crave the food.

“There is lots of things that are put into our food and there is defiantly some addictive properties to certain foods,” Rehm, said.

Sugars and caffeine could be used as examples of ingredients that can cause cravings.

“Soda is definitely something that gets into people’s system very quickly and is definitely something to unaddicted yourself from,” Rehm said.

A recent study from the University of San Francisco shows that if people are under an extreme amount of stress. They tend to go towards comfort foods, which contain high sugar and fat.

“If someone does need it to an extreme level and that is something that is concerning. If someone wants to have a coffee every morning, they can keep it at that. One measure to look at is, can I stop this behavior? Or can I limit this behavior? You may have a bigger problem,” Rehm said.

Health experts say to stay in tuned to with yourself and ask if you are emotionally eating or if you are physically hungry.

“We are used to getting what we want and immediate gratification. I mean we are used to getting what we want in seconds. I mean we get what we want. I mean we get our information in seconds. And we get our popcorn in the microwave in seconds, so I think we are just a society that craves things and we go out and get them,” Rehm said.