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Abilene Zoo announces arrival of two striped hyenas from Fort Worth Zoo

The hyenas will be on exhibit next to the rhinoceros and lions, beginning April 21.
Credit: Abilene Zoo Facebook

ABILENE, Texas — The Abilene Zoo announced Wednesday the arrival of two striped hyenas from the Fort Worth Zoo.

According to an Abilene Zoo Facebook post, a male and female hyena have been temporarily relocated from the Fort Worth Zoo. 

The hyenas will be cared for by the Animal Care staff for approximately two years to allow the Fort Worth Zoo to build a redesigned big cat habitat. The habitat is scheduled to open in spring 2023.

Both are 11-years-old, the male is named Felix and the female's name is Farrah. 

The animals will be on exhibit beginning Wednesday, April 21 next to the rhinoceros and the lions, according to the post.

“Typically silent, striped hyenas emit sounds of a cackling howl rather than the giggles of their cousin the spotted hyena,” Denise Ibarra, general curator, said. "The zoo hasn’t featured hyenas since 2009.”

Striped Hyenas are related to the feline family despite many misconceptions of being canines, according to the post.

Hyenas are often referred to as the clean-up crew but are scavengers whose diet varies because of the seasons.

It has a powerful jaw and strong teeth, with a broad head and pointy ears. 

The hyenas' fur ranges from tawny brown to gray, while the distinguishing characteristics include black strips providing camouflage in the African grasslands, according to the post.