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UPDATE: Most City of San Angelo non-potable water sites closing at 2 p.m. Sunday

UPDATE: Because of water pressure increasing throughout the high plane areas most sites will close early.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Update (approximately 12:27 p.m.): The City of San Angelo's five non-potable water sites were to remain open until 6 p.m. Sunday, however, because of water pressure currently increasing in the high plane area, most non-potable sites will close at 2 p.m.

The only site closing at 6 p.m. is at San Angelo Stadium,1919 Knickerbocker Road. Residents will need to enter off of Johnson St. across from the Verizon building.

The following is a list of all sites.

  • Mary E. Lee Park - 2160 Mary E. Lee Road.
  • Lamar Elementary School - 3444 School House Drive
  • Bonham Elementary School - 4630 Southland Blvd.
  • TLCA High School Campus by the Bluffs - 5687 Melrose Ave.
  • San Angelo Stadium - 1919 Knickerbocker Road. Enter off of Johnson St. across from the Verizon building.

According to the City's update Sunday morning, good progress was made overnight in filling the CIty's water tanks.

The City is asking residents to continue conserving water throughout the day Sunday so that it can continue moving forward and not backward. Residents are asking to limit usage as much as possible. 

Original Story.

The City of San Angelo issued a water update Friday evening stating it saw a considerable amount of people calling to have water meters turned off because of broken or cracked service lines.

According to the City's update, it was expected as temperatures increased above freezing. 

Citizens may have seen fire hydrants throughout the City releasing water Friday. The operation was done for several reasons, according to the City.

The first was part of the leak repair process and the second was part of the process required by the Texas Commission on Environment Quality (TCEQ) to release the City from the boil water notice. 

The City said it's thankful it saw fewer leaks than it anticipated Friday because of the temperature change.

On Friday, the water treatment plant maintained the same high flow rate and pressures as were delivered on Thursday, 21.5 million gallons per day. The amount is typically a flow rate seen in the peak summer heat. 

Tanks did gain some ground Thursday night and there was a slight drop in the tanks throughout Friday, according to the City. 

The goal is to increase water volume in the City's storage tanks Friday night and the weekend. This could allow the CIty to move onto sending water through the system and into the tanks that will pressurize the high plane and eventually its system.

For reference, these are the tanks in the City of San Angelo:

  • Southwest Tank = 9.4 million gallons
  • Abilene Tank = 3.5 million gallons
  • Loop Elevated Tank = 1 million gallons
  • Lakeview Elevated Tank = 1.25 million gallons
  • Bluffs Elevated Tank = 2 million gallons.

In order to refill the water tanks and fully pressurize the system, conservation is crucial. Once this is accomplished then samples can be taken throughout the City and to see about lifting the boil water notice. 

Additionally, water trucks will continue to deliver water in the high plane area Saturday. Trucks will go to areas that they were unable to go to Friday and deliver 10 gallons of water to households for use in toilets.

The CIty asks citizens to be patient as it takes time for crews to work through the area.

To report leaks or sewer backups citizens should call 325-657-4295. The City said it is experiencing a high call volume and citizens should call back if unable to get through.