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City of San Angelo provides water update Thursday evening

A boil water notice is in effect for the entire city because of water pressure issues and needs to be boiled before consumption.
Credit: Matt Serna

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The City of San Angelo provided a water update Thursday evening stating a boil water notice is in effect for the entire city because of pressure issues throughout the water system. Water must be boiled prior to consumption.

According to the update, the City has received regarding the PaulAnn area and it is allowed to drink or boil the water. The area remains under a do-not-drink water notice and residents should not drink or boil the water.

The City has also been receiving questions as to why doesn't it just cut off the water to the low plane to refill the tanks in the high plane. The City said in theory it would be a good idea, but not feasible with its water system.

The water treatment plant supplies pressure to the majority of the low plane, the City said. 

Water leaves the treatment plant through large mains that feed tanks, there are many feeds off those bigger lines that feed the low plane, the City explained. 

Before water can make it to the tanks that feed into the high plane, the low plane must be full and pressurized. 

Currently, the water plant is maintaining pressures leaving the plant at approximately 70 to 80 pounds; normal pressure at the plant is approximately 80 to 90 pounds. The volume currently being delivered is usually seen in peak times in the summer.

Residents in the low plane have been asked to reduce consumption, however, there has been very little decrease throughout the day, resulting in very little increase in the tanks.

Everyone should conserve as much water as possible, less usage will help the water tanks refill.. Current usage is limiting the refill ability of the City's water tanks.

The City is asking that water only be sued for flushing when necessary and boiling water for drinking if bottled water is not available. The City said it needs everyone's help to get the water system back online as soon as possible.

Water leaks update

Crews have been working on water leaks continuously. With temperatures rising Friday, there will likely be more water main breaks because of shifting underground, as well as additional pipes bursting in homes, which will add to the pressure concerns, the City said. 

Leaks repaired over the last 24 hours:

  • MLK and 29th St. - repaired
  • 3000 Block of Forest Park - repaired
  • 1601 S. Jackson - repaired
  • Shamrock and Sul Ross - repaired
  • 20 N. Pope St. - repaired
  • Upton and Browning - repaired
  • Randolph and Twohig - repaired
  • Irving and Twohig - repaired
  • 2405 Oxford - repaired
  • 718 N. Van Buren St. - working on now

Water Department and City crews are working continuously to check water issues and restore service to the community. The CIty said it appreciates the hard work and dedication its employees have put over the last week to restore water. Although City offices have been closed all week, employees have been working in the field, office or from home to provide service to the citizens of San Angelo, according to the statement.

After pressure is restored citywide, there will still be a boil water notice until samples can be taken and approved by TCEQ to rescind the notice.