SAN ANGELO, Texas — Grocery shopping used to be a chore for everyone at least once a week. COVID-19 has now made shopping a challenge for consumers everywhere.

It’s a challenge to buy the common things shoppers would buy everyday - toilet paper, eggs and water, for instance.

San Angelo H-E-B Unit Director Lynn Shipley has informed everyone his store at 3301 Sherwood Way, has been prepared for this, and it all starts with the basics of health.

"Cough into your arm if you are talking to someone, kinda turn your head, don't talk directly at them - just some basic safety points," Shipley said.

His team has set out a few new ground rules to ensure every shopper is able to purchase what they need. Only a 100-150 people are allowed into store at a time and once the limit is reached, it is one-in, one-out.

To ensure there is no hoarding, H-E-B has set limits on all goods in the store.

"One of our goals is to put limits on some of our products like chicken, we just loosened back," Shipley said "There is a limit of two on the eggs."

Toilet paper has been the most sought item during this time. Shipley states it is one per person. For seniors, the store is offering free delivery through the Favor delivery app to help them avoid crowds.

Shipley knows these are hard times and encourages everyone to understand this will pass, but H-E-B will do whatever it can to help the community.

"Our partners we really want to focus on our costumers leave here with a positive reflection that they got the majority of what they came in to get," Shipley said.

H-E-B has changed its store times across the state to 8 a.m.-8 p.m., to ensure shelves are stocked daily for shoppers.