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Fundraising efforts for San Angelo’s first splash pads are underway

The construction process should take approximately 6 to 8 months to be completed once the money is raised.


The new year came in with big projects for San Angelo.

A proposal was passed during January’s San Angelo City Council meeting to support private fundraising efforts to construct splash pads at city parks. 

“Well, hopefully if all the funds get raised pretty quickly, we'll be able to have the city's first splash pad,” City of San Angelo Parks and Recreation Director Carl White said.  

This project has been long awaited by citizens of the Concho Valley.  

“I think the first time we really were hearing folks' requests, this was eight or ten years ago, and it showed up on our Parks and Recreation Master Plan as the number one requested outdoor facility item,” White said.  

The plan for Unidad Park is to have a small Splash Pad and Kirby Park will have a bigger one, since it's a larger park. 

All-Tex Irrigation and supply is on board to help this project come to life.  

“They approached us and submitted a letter of proposal. There are funding up to $200,000 and they're willing to leave, lead the fundraising efforts for this effort,” White said. 

The total cost for the project is approximately $850,000. All-Tex owner Jeff Perrine decided to join in on the project and see what would happen. 

“Let's just see if we can do it. I didn't know if it was going to be a possibility or not. It's happening. So I guess the possibility is there,” Perrine said.  

Perrine says this is something the community needs.  

“It's something that the community has been needing for. I mean, it's a cool deal because for the children, for sure, it's another activity for, you know, families to get out and about and do things,” Perrine said.  

Many elements were taken into consideration during the planning process of the project, including water conservation. 

“[What] we were trying to do is water conservation on this project as well. So these will hold a 2500 gallon holding tank underground. And so the water will be recycled,” Perrine said.  

Efforts to raise the remaining funds have already begun.  

“We're working with the Area Foundation. We are set up. It's live. It's ready to rock and roll. You can donate today. You can go to special projects. Click on the All-Tex’s splash pad. And then from there you can do a check or a credit card and you can donate that way,”  Perrine said.  

Jeff says once the funds are raised, construction will take anywhere from six to eight months to complete. Both splash pads will be free for the community to enjoy.  

If you are interested in donating, visit saafound.org.


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