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Gregorio Gutierrez remembered, honored at proclamation ceremony

The proclamation ceremony was held Saturday at the Railway Museum of San Angelo.
Credit: Marlen Trevino

SAN ANGELO, Texas — City of San Angelo and state leaders joined community and family members at a ceremony naming Jan. 23 as "Gregorio Gutierrez Day" in honor of the founder of the first bilingual newspaper in San Angelo.

Speakers at the event included Councilmember Harry Thomas, Congressman August Pfluger, Rita Capuchina and members of the Gutierrez family.

Araceli Gutierrez and Gregorio Gutierrez's were married for 30 years and they created a community, a Spanish newspaper. "Now we are a bilingual newspaper and we reach all of West Texas from San Angelo to Del Rio and the surrounding areas," Araceli Gutierrez said. 

"Health and education, that’s what’s the most important he would say," she said of Gregorio Gutierrez. 

Rita Capuchina said she was asked to sing at the proclamation and immediately said yes. "I will do a bilingual version of Amazing Grace for them today," said Capuchina. 

Capuchina said she thinks it's great to recognize a person who has done so much for the community. "I think it’s really a great thing the City is doing that way people always know you can get recognized for your efforts and you really did make a big impact on the community." 

Councilmember Harry Thomas, who represents District 3, read the proclamation and also shared an anecdote. Thomas spoke of the first time Gregorio Gutierrez interviewed him and of the language barrier between them.  "I said how are we going to do the interview," Thomas said. 

Gutierrez recorded the interview then had it translated and published in Conexión.  "From that day forward any time I had questions about the community I visit with Gregorio," Thomas said.  

Over the years Gregorio Gutierrez interviewed the councilmember many times on different subjects.  "I will never forget the first time we ever did that interview and I thought to myself he speaks almost no English I speak almost no Spanish. How are we going to do that," Thomas said.

Gregorio Gutierrez's son, Ricardo Gutierrez, said Saturday's event was historical because of all his dad did for the community. "Having this day today is a phenomenal day for us. It’s a history that’s going to be written in San Angelo and the hearts of our family." Ricardo Gutierrez said.

In honor of Gregorio Gutierrez, the Railway Museum of San Angelo held living history tours in Spanish conducted by Angelo State's Association of Mexican-American Students.

Eddye Zuniga Sanchez, treasurer for AMAS, said the Spanish tours will have a great impact on the community. 

"It’s a great way, to get our kids involved within the community, Sanchez said. "Getting to know them, having them like a set future and having them hopeful of what’s to come."

Sanchez attended one of the Gregorio Gutierrez posadas before COVID-19 and said, "It is a great honor for me to be at this event and just be here for Don Gregorio Gutierrez."

Araceli Gutierrez concluded the ceremony by thanking City leaders and all who were present for the honor bestowed on her husband. Gregorio Gutierrez. She said she will continue with Conexion San Angelo because her husband worked very hard for it to just be left on the side. 

'I  am here for the community, the same as he did, to move the business, our roots, our culture, above all faith, faith in God. Without faith we have nothing," Araceli Gutierrez said. 

"Thank you for this legacy and this recognition for my husband. Gregorio Gutierrez, Rest In Peace," she concluded.