MASON, Texas — Mason is a community that is bonded by caring for one another. During this pandemic, the community has stood together.

Mason ISD switched to online schooling once school was canceled for the semester but the district wanted to do something more for the students.

A few weeks ago, Mason superintendent, Stan Whittle and Julie Parker put together a plan to provide food for students during this time. The cafeteria staff and the school district came up with a curb side pick-up for families to get breakfast and lunch for their kids.

"Our first day we had over 180 students that came up to get breakfast and lunch," Whittle said.

Following the first week, the team decided to expand the service to delivery for the students that live further out within the county.

"Through bus routes, we are able to go to students that live outside of Mason County, we felt like that was the right thing to do to make it accessible to provide for all of our kids," Whittle added.

Now, the district is reaching 269 students.

While this has been a time of uncertainty, Mason ISD wanted the learning and eating to be taken care of during this time for families.

Mason ISD cafeteria director, Julie Parker, has loved seeing the smiles on families faces picking up food.

"Some of the grandparents are having to take care of the kids now because the parents are working and the grandparents have told us thank you so much. It really does take a great deal of stress off of them,"

Mason continues to be bonded by caring for one another, especially during this time.

"We are blessed to be Mason punchers and cowgirls and to live in this great community that loves each other and does whatever we can to get the job done," Whittle said.

"It's been very wonderful, it's a great community," Parker added.

Curbside pickup is Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 7 and 1pm.