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Peaceful Donkey Rescue offers visitors a free, unique experience to learn about its animals

Peaceful Donkey Rescue is preparing to give free tours during its busiest time of the year.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — School is out and summer vacation has kicked off for many West Texas families. If you are in search of an affordable option to spend your time, the Peaceful Donkey Rescue may be the place for you. 

“We have donkeys of all ages, all walks of life,” Peaceful Donkey Rescue Chief Operating Officer, Kim Elger, said. 

The ranch offers free tours for individuals or groups. Visitors will get the opportunity to go through the 172-acre ranch and get an up-close look at the donkeys. 

“Summer is definitely the busiest for our tour season. We get multiple tours a day, so those tours can range from just one person to groups of 20 to 30 people at a time. We don't mind. We welcome everybody,” Elger said.

Elger says visitors love to meet a special donkey named after a popular actress. 

“This is Betty White and she was born on Christmas Eve and she was named after the actress, Betty White. She was a longtime donor to the rescue,” Elger said. 

Apart from being a place where families can attend free of charge, it's also a home for donkeys to get the care they need. 

“We make sure they're up to date on their vaccinations. We deworm them,  we have an equine dental specialist on staff so she can take care of their teeth. We do all bloodwork to make sure that they're in good health,” Elger said. 

While donkeys receive needed treatment, the rescue has a goal for visitors to leave with a different perception of these animals.

“So we just want people to learn more about donkeys. There are a lot of misnomers that they're stubborn or that they're mean and they're really not. Donkeys can be very super affectionate. They're loving. We call them man's other best friend.

To learn more about the rescue, visit donkeyrescue.org

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