“Welcome to the Railroad Museum of San Angelo! Come on in!”

A museum that has watched history happen could possibly be seeing many changes.

The president of the Railway and Heritage Museum of San Angelo, David Wood, said the museum could be hurting if its needs are not met.

“The contract is up this year, and the city staff wants us to take over, of all the maintenance of the building,” Wood said.

That includes the parking lot, the air conditioner, the sprinkler and fire alarm system and the elevator. Those are the big, expensive items they would pay for.

But there are more things this museum needs in order to continue operating.

While the city hopes to renew the lease only if the museum takes care of all expenses of the building, the museum counter-offered to take over $9,198 a year of those expenses and asked the city to replace the old heating and cooling system and re-pave the parking lots as in the current agreement.

“And they said, ‘No, we want to not have to pay anything,’” Wood said.

Wood said all they want is for the city to be partners with them, as other people are interested in the building.

“The people that are interested in it are wanting to put offices in it. That’s not a good use for this building. This building needs to be kept as a place to show off the history of San Angelo,” Wood said. “Unless we get a lot of people coming forward and helping out with donations and helping raise these funds, this might be the last bell for this museum.”