The City is looking at relocating and rebuilding Firehouse Number Four, budgeting at $3.2 million dollars. According to the City, this construction will not create a tax increase for San Angelo citizens.

Relocating the building allows EMS to help people in the southeast area of the city and Tom Green County faster.

Fire Chief Brian Dunn said, "That would cut response ties off to Wall, the southeast part of the county and the eastern part of the county. Fire stations need to be located geographically so you're response time will be quick to that area."

"[The] average life expectancy for a fire station is 40 to 50 years."

Firehouse Four has been standing nearly 55 years and have been proven to be too small.

"It'll only hold three people and a small truck. At the current time, I can't even order that will fit in there, and that fire truck is 25-years-old."

A modern fire station's doors are at least 14' by 14'. Furthermore, the station's doors currently don't make the cut for larger trucks.

This new building will allow firefighters from Firehouse Four to use larger equipment...

In the meantime, Fire Station Number Four will do their best until the anticipated completion date of their new station in January 2019.