Gyms are closed, which has affected Team Chip Martial Arts. But this team is seizing this time as an opportunity to grow its online presence.

"We see this as an opportunity to build out online presence even more and improving our online membership structure," owner Chip Townsend said.

Although it hasn't been easy, Townsend is proud of the growth he has seen so far. 

"We have created 13 virtual classes and Facebook groups, we're filming their curriculum here and putting it online then asking them to film themselves practicing and then we go on and give them feedback," he said.

Townsend can't wait until his athletes are back in studio.

"It's going to feel so good to be able to embrace them and to be back on the mat together training and moving forward doing what we do," he said.

While this has been a hard time for everyone, Townsend believes his customers will appreciate being back to training in person as soon as the storm passes.

"It goes back to the old cliche, you don't know what you have until it's gone... Those who are having to step off the mat for awhile, will come back like a kid in the candy store."