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TGC North Branch library in need of funding for renovations

It has been nearly 50 years since the North Branch opened in San Angelo, since then there have been little to no renovations to the facility

SAN ANGELO, Texas — With the advancement of technology and the need for an adequate library on the Northside of San Angelo, library officials are asking for the community to support them with future renovations.

The Tom Green County North Branch library has been open since 1975, and major upgrades have not happened since then. 

Renovation costs will be over one million dollars and take three to five months to complete. While it might not seem like a lot to do for some, TGC library director Jill Donegan said these upgrades are long overdue but could happen with the support of the city and the community.

“We want to make this library something like our library downtown. To do that, we need better technology and public internet access. Some of those basic services that people are without at home is what we want for our North Branch,” Donegan explained. 

Renovations needed at the library include the following:

  • a generous 1,500 square-foot expansion

  • ADA-compliance throughout the facility

  • Staff offices

  • A fresh technology center

Right now, the San Angelo Area Foundation is in charge of this special project. 

Questions were raised like why the county won’t be fully covering the cost of library renovations. The answer to that is the county has a plethora of other obligations they need to tend to first, according to Donegan. 

TGC librarian Chelsea Preas says the library has a lot of unused areas and they don’t want to deny people service just because they don’t have the proper equipment. 

“One of the big goals of this renovation is to expand the library area and make small study rooms and a computer area for steins and people in the community to use. A lot of people don’t even know the library is here but I’m sure new upgrades will help,” Preas shared. 

While the library is still pending a few grants, the San Angelo Area Foundation is accepting any donations from the community to help get the library up to par with today's needs for the community.