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Trump Train Cruise, RNHA Trump Rally draws large crowd

Hundreds of supporters attended the cruise and rally to show their support for President Trump and each other.
Credit: Marlen Trevino

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Republican National Hispanic Assembly held a Trump Train Cruise and Trump Rally Saturday to show their support for President Trump and each other.

Supporters drove their vehicles decorated with United States, Trump 2020 and Texas flags from Sunset Drive to the RNHA Trump Rally.

Lupe Gomez, Chairwoman for the RNHA San Angelo TX Chapter, said the purpose of Saturday's event was to unify Trump supporters and to show their voices matter.

"To vote, always vote, that is our privilege and we need to get out there for our voices to be heard, not to be silenced, not be scared anymore, not to be intimidated," said Gomez

"Some people are so scared to show their support for Trump, and we shouldn’t be. You can support anybody you want; we just need to be civil about it. If there are disagreements just be civil about it," she continued.

The rally included food and raffles for attendees, as well as the opportunity to purchase Trump memorabilia outside the venue.

Carl Word attended the event because he wants Trump to win.

"Look at the issues and it's clear where the Democrats are going to take us and it's clear where Trump is trying to take us," said Word.

Another attendee, Regina Corley, said she wants Trump to be re-elected because she feels, "like our country is in a lot of trouble if he does not get in."

The last day for early voting is Oct. 30.