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Uber drivers give safe rides home on New Year's Eve

The countdown to 2023 is in full swing. New Year's Eve is a night of parties and packed bars. Drivers around the Waco area are taking simple steps to save lives.

WACO, Texas — 2023 is only hours away.

Another year means another night of celebration to ring in the new year as partiers wait for the clock to strike midnight.

6 News reporter, Nicole Shearin, rode along with two Uber drivers in the Waco area on Saturday to learn how they are making sure people have a night of fun while staying safe.

"It’s been a crazy year and I’m just glad this year is over," Danny Sedillo, an Uber driver for 5 years, said.

For most people, a new year means new beginnings, but not for everyone.

"You never know when it’s your last day here, so take care of yourself and the people around you," Sedillo said.

The clock is ticking on 2022 and the new year is just around the corner.

Another year calls for another Saturday night of people partying to celebrate.

"This is the night that everybody will be partying. Friday and Saturday are your nights where people are drinking and partying," Demetrius McNeill, an Uber driver for 11 months, said. "So, tonight is going to be one of those nights.”

Bars around Central Texas will be packed with partiers ringing in the new year, all needing a safe way to get home at the end of the night.

"It’s really easy to get an Uber driver," Sedillo said. "Even if it’s not an Uber driver, there are people offering free rides on New Year's Eve.”

Waco Transit and other companies are offering free rides to make sure people get home safely.

"It’ll be very important that people will have an Uber driver to pick them up and get them to their destination," McNeill said "That’s the most important part because you don’t want anybody drunk driving.”

People like Demetrius are making sure drunk drivers stay off the road and those people that are too drunk to drive have a way to get home safely.

"The main thing is being responsible," Sedillo said. "Not only for yourself, but for other people. Being on the lookout for people that are not being responsible is so important. You can save someone’s life. It’s that simple.”

New Years Eve is a time to celebrate, but simple steps can save a life.

"Happy New Year to everyone," McNeill said. "Be safe. Be smart. Be wise. And don’t make any foolish mistakes.”

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