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UPDATE: Municipal Pool opening will be delayed

The pool's filtration system replacement will take several weeks to be delivered and installed because of supply chain issues.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — UPDATE (April 29): The City of San Angelo said Friday the Love Municipal Pool's opening will be delayed for the summer because of a filtration system issue.

The system replacement, approved by the City Council earlier this month, will take several weeks before it can be installed because of supply shortages.

The system is being built now, the release from the City said.

An opening date has yet been set, but the City said it will provide updates as they are received.

Reservations will not be accepted until an official opening date is set.

ORIGINAL STORY: The weather is getting warmer and many people are getting ready to hit the pool. However, there is one issue that may prevent the City of San Angelo's Love Municipal Pool from opening on time. 

At Monday's City Council meeting, COSA Recreation Manager, Brent Casey, told council about the need for the pool’s filtration system to be replaced. 

“There is something wrong with the filtration system, obviously you cannot have a pool without the filtration system. We make sure the water is clean and ready to go before we let anyone in at any point in time,” Casey said. 

With summer right around the corner, the likelihood of the pool opening on time for summer fun is on the line. 

Casey said it all depends on whether the filter is in stock. If there is a filter available, then the replacement will be immediate. However, if the filter is out of stock there would be a six-10 week wait.

“Something happened to it, we’ve been working on it, it went down at the end of the last season and it’s just we figured out the best route to go would be to just purchase a new one,” Casey said. 

The filtration system will be purchased through Progressive Commercial Aquatics and the total cost for replacement and repairs will be $262,045. Casey explained the filter system usually has a longer lifespan but the weather has taken a toll on the system. 

“I actually have the president of the company calling me now and he’s apologizing saying 'don't know what happened to it' but we’re working through that with everything else. I’ve seen them go 15, 20 years even beyond that,” Casey said. 

Although the timing on when the pool will open is unclear, Casey said the recreation department is working to open as soon as possible for residents.

“We will get it opened as soon as possible. We want it opened, we want people coming in enjoying the pool but it has to be in a safe manner and that's why we have to do what we have to do to replace the filtering system,” Casey said. 

Casey and his team got started on the paperwork this week for the new filtration system. In the meantime, they’re keeping a close eye on the calendar. 

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