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West Texas real estate agents take the day off to give back to their community

Keller Williams Realty team members completed service projects around San Angelo during the group's annual "Red Day".

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Keller Williams Realty group in San Angelo closed its doors for the day Thursday to help beautify three homes in the community during the group's  annual day of service.

Since May 2009, Keller Williams locations across the country set aside a day called "Red Day" to renew, energize and donate within the communities they serve, according to a release on the company's website.

“It's very important to Keller Williams. Keller Williams is a firm believer in giving where you live. So that's what's on the back of all these t-shirts is given where you live. This is where we make a living. This is where we raise our families and go to church. So we want to be sure that we are giving back to the community,” Janet Ridgway said. 

This year, San Angelo agents chose three homes of people who constantly serve the community of San Angelo and volunteer their time almost every day to those in need.

“We picked specific families that volunteer in our community. The families that we picked volunteer with the Head Start Program. They go in almost every day for a couple of hours and walk babies that are crying, read to the children, and do whatever is needed,” Emma Chaput said. 

Thursday, it was about giving back to them. From planting, to raking leaves, making someone feel more at home is what the company says it has always been about.

“We wanted to do something that was a blessing to those people that choose to be a blessing to others. San Angelo is a great community. We're glad to live here. We're blessed to live here. And we just wanted to get back and say thank you," Ridgway said. 

These are just a few of the community activities Keller Williams carried out in support of those who have volunteered their time, hard work, and energy to the community.