SAN ANGELO, Texas — The area our news, weather and sports team covers is very large. We travel as far north as Knox County and as far south as Sutton County. 

One city though in the Big Country has a name many people pronounce differently. 

Colorado City, Tex was founded back in 1881. Located in the heart of Mitchell County along Interstate 20. Mark Merrell has called this West Texas home for decades now. He first served the Colorado City Independent School District as the high school's principal. Now, he serves as a county judge. 

He weighed in on the debate over the phone. 

Ricky asked, "So, Colorado with a long 'a'?"

"Yes," agreed Merrell, "your second pronunciation was correct."

Merrell added it has to do with the generational divide. People who have lived in Colorado City have called it, 'Colo-RAY-do' City. If you anyone new or from out of town, they call it, 'Colo-rah-do' City. 

In fact, Patty Pharis with the Heart of West Texas Museum said it wasn't until 1939 when the town added 'city' to its name. Before, it was just Colorado, Texas. Merrell said that created some a problem.  

"I think there was confusion with the people from the state of Colorado," he added, "So, they added 'city' onto it. The abbreviation is C-City is used as well."

He joked.

"I'm not helping you a whole lot."