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What to know when a boil water notice is issued

After a boil water notice was sent out Tuesday, the City of San Angelo wants to continue to share information with the community.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — We drink it, use it to brush our teeth and it is a key component to life. Water looks simple, but the importance of it is vital to everyday life.

The same water people in West Texas depend on was under a boil water notice Tuesday, Sept. 8.

City of San Angelo Water Utilities Director Allison Strube explains what people should be aware of during a boil water notice.

"The main thing that people should just be aware of is the water that is for consumption, such as cooking or drinking or even brushing your teeth," Strube said. "That water should be vigorously boiled for about two minutes."

The notice came after a water main break on the southwest side of San Angelo near Valleyview and Southridge. The break cut of some of the main feeds and caused widespread decrease in the pressure.

Strube does ensure if someone were to use it for consumption there should be no need to panic.

"I don't think somebody should be overly concerned if they did drink the water prior to knowing the bath water notice and moving forward," Strube said.

The boil water notice was lifted at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 9.

However, this is the second water boil to happen in West Texas the first one being in Ballinger.

Strube and her team are now going to try new ways to inform the public so everyone can be on the same page moving forward.

"We will be working to push that out on social media, whether it's Facebook or Twitter, those type of platforms," Strube said

Strube and her team are even working with the police and fire department to have Nixle alerts sent out to wider span of people.