At this point it's not a matter of if, but when Hurricane Harvey hits South Texas, the repercussions of the storm can sometimes be felt across the Lone Star State. Our Senora Scott shares how farmers could be effected.

We know hurricane Harvey is going to cause power outages, damage to structures, and homes, but what about the fields?

"Up around Lubbock, Big Spring, Lamesa. That's where the bulk of Texas cotton is grown,” Halfmann said.

Director of the San Angelo Texas Farm Bureau office Charles Halfmann is a farmer himself. Cotton being one of his crops and something that could be endangered by Hurricane Harvey.

"That's the nature of agriculture. It may hurt someone else but it benefits another part of the state,” Halfmann said.

Some areas in South Texas will be hit hard and lose a lot of their yield, but The Valley isn't one of them.

"They're pretty much harvested out. They've already got their cotton stripped in the Corpus area,” Halfmann said.

And this part of the state is the area that will benefit from the rain. While many farmers will have to deal with the damage, it's not likely to affect the price of the crop itself.

"To affect prices you'd have to have a hurricane set in around Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Mississippi Delta. Those areas, their cotton is still, it hasn't been harvested yet,” Halfmann said.

The NOAA predicts that some parts of the state will receive 15 or more inches of rain.

Halfmann says Houston and Victoria just started harvesting and more than likely, their crop will be severely affected by the storms. Another worry for farmers, rain ruining the cotton that's already sitting at the gin.