When you make a living rolling down the road, you've got to make sure you roll in style. Pick Up Man, Jeremy Willis showed us his “Cowboy Crib.”

“This is the living room here. This is the entertainment area, we've got a firestick with all kinds of TV, Netflix, all that, PlayStation, surround sound.

So this is my spot after the rodeo. I like to sit here and watch TV. It also folds out into a bed when company comes over.

Then you come on in here to the kitchen. The nice thing about it, it has everything that you have at home. You've got the oven, stove, microwave and you can cook frozen pizzas, cookies, burritos, and even big real meals.

This folds out into beds, both sides or you can lay this down and make one big bed.

And this is the bedroom. Softest bed ever.

Well thanks for showing us around Jeremy, any last travel advice?

Always get good tires.”