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San Angelo police arrest hit-and-run driver after he crashes into an unoccupied home

Officers found marijuana and THC oil on the suspect when they searched him.
Credit: San Angelo Police Department

The San Angelo Police Department investigated a hit-and-run crash (vehicle versus unoccupied residence) near Goodfelllow Air Force Base Tuesday afternoon.

The department posted information regarding the incident on its social media accounts.

Officers found the suspect and his vehicle in an industrial park near Gateway Drive. Additionally, they found and seized marijuana and THC oil during their investigation, which resulted in arrest.

Credit: San Angelo Police Department
Credit: San Angelo Police Department

The suspect, a 28-year-old San Angelo man, will be charged with possession of controlled substance Penalty Group 2 and Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He was also issued a citation for failing to stop and leave information upon striking fixed object.