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'It doesn't look good' | Recordings provide details leading up to deadly crash involving HCSO deputy

Law enforcement radio recordings from Broadcastify.com give a little more insight as to what happened.

HOUSTON — Radio conversations between dispatchers and law enforcement during a chase with a robbery suspect provide more details into what led to a deadly multi-vehicle crash in northeast Houston late Wednesday night.

A woman was killed and several other people, including two children, were injured when a Harris County Sheriff's Office deputy, who was chasing a suspect, was involved in a crash with another driver, according to Houston police.

Police said the deputy was on his way back from downtown and heard a call about a robbery that happened at a gas station in Harris County's jurisdiction. That deputy exited the Eastex Freeway and Tidwell, looking for the suspect.

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Radio conversations captured by Broadcastify.com give some insight into to what happened.

A deputy can be heard explaining that he spotted the possible suspect near the Eastex Freeway and Tidwell at a CVS pharmacy.

“Tidwell and 59. It's black, grey Lincoln Town Car at the CVS, has a red mask on and all black. Backing out,” the deputy said at about 10:49 p.m. “Looks like it's going to be our vehicle.”

Another deputy tells the responder not to turn his lights and siren on as he approaches the suspect.

“Don't light ‘em up, so he don't run from you,” the other deputy said over the radio.

“I think he just hit that CVS,” the deputy pursuing the suspect said. “I already lit him up.”

The pursuing deputy explains that during the chase the suspect is speeding, but there is no traffic around at the moment.

“He's going at a high rate of speed...no traffic,” the deputy said.

The deputy is heard calling out the direction and location of the chase as it happened.

“Eastbound... coming up to Lockwood. Speeds at 90 miles per hour,” the deputy said.

That was the last response received from the pursuing deputy before the crash.

“Where you at 110?” another deputy asked the pursuing deputy on the scanner.

Another deputy then radioed in, “He's unconscious at Lockwood.”

That is when EMS was dispatched to the scene of the crash.

“We've got a major scene out here,” another male deputy said.

“We need EMS out here,” a female deputy said.

During the same time of the crash, radio conversations from Houston police dispatch can also be heard as their officers respond to the scene.

“I just got a phone call. There's a five-car major… Lockwood and Laura Koppe involving a possible sheriff's deputy,” the HPD dispatcher said. “And it doesn't look good.”

Then an HPD helicopter over the scene radioed in.

“Dispatch…FOX (HPD helicopter call sign) ... We're overhead of that right now,” an officer in the helicopter said. “Was just about to advise you guys, they’ve already got several units, several wreckers with the intersection shut down. Go ahead and roll HFD this way.” 

“FOX... I'm going to keep the air open. There's going to be multiple injuries. You might wanna get ambulances en route,” the pilot said.

According to authorities, the pursuing deputy crashed with another vehicle at the intersection of Lockwood and Laura Koppe. A woman in that other vehicle was killed. Two children in her vehicle, who police say are approximately 5 and 2 years old, were also injured.

After the initial collision, several other vehicles were also involved in the crash. Police said three adults were transported to area hospitals with minor injuries.  

According to HPD, bystanders who witnessed the crash were able to pull the pursuing deputy to safety as the HCSO unit caught fire.

The suspect vehicle was not involved in the crash.

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