HOUSTON — *EDITOR'S NOTE: Houston police originally reported the driver was 13 years old. After further investigation, they learned the driver was 16.

A 16-year-old driver was transported to a local hospital after a SUV burst into flames when it crashed through a fence at the end of a chase early Monday.

This happened on Fondren Road just north of Westheimer in west Houston.

Houston police say there is some sort of gas leak at the scene and CenterPoint crews are responding to the site.

Police say this started on the Southwest Freeway near Chimney Rock when the teen refused to pull over for a patrol unit after speeding on the freeway. The driver exited the freeway near the Westpark Tollway.

As the teen driver entered a neighborhood, he lost control of the black SUV, crashing into the curb at a curve in the street. The SUV then went airborne and crashed through a fence before bursting into flames.

Police say the teen driver was transported to a local hospital as a precaution. They later learned the SUV he was driving was his mother's.

He is being charged with a felony of evading arrest. 

An officer pursing the teen crashed into a traffic sign at the end of the chase but was not injured.