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Three charged with cockfighting at Hutto trailer park

Three men have been charged with cockfighting after deputies were called to a Hutto trailer park on Dec. 1.

Deputies arrested three men Thursday evening on allegations they were involved in a cockfight.

Arrest affidavits state deputies were called to the Little Elm Estates trailer park along Little Elm Way in Hutto around 9:10 p.m. Dec. 1. The responding deputy said he saw Mario DeLuna, 41, and Jesus Arenas-Duran, 29, holding roosters with Benjamin Soto-Esquivel, 32, observing. DeLuna and Arenas allegedly held the roosters close together until they started to peck each other, then placed them on the ground so they could fight.

The three men were taken into custody, and the affidavit stated a video provided to police showed Soto-Esquivel participating in the cockfights. During their investigation, deputies said a small amount of cocaine was found in Soto-Esquivel’s truck, and that DeLuna was in possession of a baggie containing cocaine residue during a search at the Williamson County Jail.

All three men were booked into the Williamson County Jail. Soto-Esquivel and DeLuna were booked on combined $11,000 bond while Arenas-Duran was booked on $5,000 bond. Online records at the Williamson County Jail state Soto-Esquivel and Arenas-Duran posted bond on Dec. 2 while DeLuna is still in custody as of late Monday morning.

Mario DeLuna booking photo
Jesus Arenas-Duran booking photo
Benjamin Soto-Esquivel booking photo