When tragedies strike, people are often left injured and in need of medical care. But what about when those hospitals and their supplies are destroyed as well? It's a devastating loss. Our Senora Scott has a look at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Air and Marine Operations delivering blood to those areas via helicopter and how you can help.

"One thousand pints of blood donated within the next week,” Linda Grace with United Blood Services said.

That's what the blood banks in West Texas have been tasked with. The reason, the shortage and in some areas complete loss of supply due to hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. Blood donation centers need anywhere from 500 to 600 pints of blood a week just to support their local area.

"About two-thirds of the blood that's donated comes from mobile blood drives,” Grace said.

That goes for the entire state. With closed roads and demolished buildings - some blood centers are just now able to open back up. And in Southeast Texas mobile blood drives are still nonexistent.

"The other impact that's happening right now, we're in the middle of a holiday, the labor day weekend,” Grace said.

Blood centers are urging people to donate as quickly as possible. Advice for first time donors...

"If you've never done it before, push past that fear because someone's life is going to depend on you making that choice,” Grace said.