BAIRD, TX. — The murder trial of a 34 year-old Abilene man, Justin Bennett, continues in Callahan county. Bennett is accused of murdering his girlfriend in 2017.

Day two of the trial for the death of Abilene mother, Meagan Dearman. She was reported missing in January of 2017. Her body was later found at T &P lake in Baird, TX.

The owner of the property next to the lake said he was out the morning of January 27. He was with a friend checking his cameras and feeders when they found Dearman's body and called 911.

Dr. Marc Krouse performed the autopsy on Dearman's body. A shoe lace wrapped around her neck was what was used to strangle her.

At the time Dearman's body was found, Bennett was already in jail, but for other charges.

Another witness called to the stand said she picked up Bennett to run errands on the day of his arrest for the other charges.This was two days before Dearman's body was discovered. She said that they went to get a magazine for a gun and got ice cream after. Police came looking for Bennett at her home in Merkel. Bennett was found hiding under a suitcase inside the home.

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