ABILENE, TX. — The city of Abilene informs its citizens of a delay for the issuing of birth and death certificates filed after December 28, 2018.

The state of Texas switched over to a new system recently, the Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar, or, TXEVER, to file these certificates.

This could be inconvenient to new parents.

"Parents do need a hard copy in order to get benefits or anything like that...a lot of insurance companies prefer that they receive a birth certificate in the first 30 days,” says Abilene Taylor County Public Health District local registrar, Cassie Lee.

The old system was out of date, and according to the state, TXEVER should be completed by the end of this week or the next.

“Just like any new program there has been some technical difficulties and it is creating a small delay,” says Lee.

For more information, one can contact their office at 325-692-5600.