Witnesses say disabled protestors occupied the El Paso Republican office for about an hour on Monday afternoon.

Protestors from the organization Adapt, a disabilities rights group, challenged the proposed healthcare laws – specifically changes to Medicaid.

“The new bill that is slashing services to people with disabilities that are important to us to live in the community and maintain our freedom,” Josue Rodriguez, an Adapt organizer, said.

Republican volunteers say they were putting Constitution packets together for a naturalization ceremony when protestors knocked on the door and forced their way in.

One of the protestors allegedly ran Bob Pena over with a wheelchair.

“The door opened, I said, ‘Yes, can I help you?’ Two of them came in and then more and more and pushed me back until two of them ran over me and knocked me to the ground and drove his wheelchair over my foot,” Pena said.

“Mr. Pena was on the floor with the wheelchair pinning him down, and he was in pain. Agony, pain, yelling,” Robert Jesky said.

Rodriguez said Pena put his foot in front of the wheelchair, and they didn’t intend to injure anyone.

Eventually, protestors were escorted outside by police. They stayed on the sidewalk and continued chanting.

“Because the cuts that they’re proposing are going to disseminate our services and kill some of our people,” Rodriguez said.

The protestors eventually left peacefully.

Pena said he will press charges for allegedly being run over and injured.