SAN ANGELO, Texas — "These are all the chiefs of the San Angelo Police Department. There have been 18 total chiefs of police dating from 1920, which was Chief Carrol, all the way to present which is Chief Frank Carter III.
This is a uniform that, when I first started in 1986, it was supposed to be a tan, but we soon realized that after it had been exposed to the sun, especially if you worked motors or you're out directing traffic, over time these would turn pink. Kind of an off, Pepto Bismol pink and they were cool to wear but they were kinda ugly to look at. We switched to the blues in the early 90s. I believe it was under Chief Smith, Russell Smith, we switched to these and they were a little bit hotter but certainly more professional.

Sgt. Kennedy was president of C.L.E.A.T. and they put on a golf tournament to help raise money for this law enforcement monument. He gave his life to help us, but he was also big in helping us get this monument built.

Message in a bottle. I started this endeavor in 2002. It's a long story but I felt that I needed to put it in writing and I thought 'what a clever idea to put a message in a bottle for the future to see how this all came about.'

Also, a pen set I was given when I retired. Thought I'd let the future see what a pen set is...if they even know what pens are.

Baton that we used to carry. We no longer carry. Pocket knife I carried on duty. Various CDs of the design and artwork and pictures.

This is what's recommended, is stainless steel. And you'll see below it, yes, that's a San Angelo Fire Department bunker jacket. Chief Dunn was gracious enough to let us put this in the time capsule. The idea is that, even though we protect the public, we look to the fire department to protect us in times of need and heat. So, when we put everything into the time capsule, the bunker jacket will shield all the contents from the heat whenever they weld the cap back on.

I had compiled all of this stuff for years and I thought, 'what a tribute it'd be to these officers to cast it into the future. Police Week. May 13th.

Eighty-one years from now. Sure, a lot of us are going to be gone. Most of us will be gone. Maybe my grandson will be there to see it but we'll leave behind a legacy and a story for them to tell to their children.

So, to you, stay true to the blue, help those in need, and remember, you do make a difference," Rusty Herndon, retired San Angelo Police officer said.