Marcus Burleson and his family are settling into their new home.

It’s nestled in Dublin, Texas.

However, it’s not just any home, it’s a ‘smart home.’

After serving as a Marine, he is a double-amputee.

In 2011 he was deployed to Afghanistan where he worked on the bomb squad.

He was responsible for the disposal of bombs, a task that turned tragic.

After a bomb he was inspecting went off, he was in a coma for 2 weeks.

“Amputations to both arms, the right at mid forearm, the left at mid humerus. A broken neck, several facial fractures including a broken jaw. Lost total vision in his left eye and sustained burns to his face neck and shoulder,” Andrew McClure explained.

McClure is the director of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

The foundation offered to help Burleson.

“Due to the unique nature of my injuries I didn’t qualify for a lot of the grant programs through the VA,” Burleson said.

“We are assisting the most catastrophically wounded service members in the country,” McClure said.

The group partnered with businesses all over the country to build an accessible home.

They hope to serve the brave, who have served us.