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Angelo State faculty, staff members to receive service awards

The recipients will receive awards representing their years of service to the university.
Credit: Angelo State Sports

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Faculty and staff members at Angelo State University are being honored with the 2021 Service Awards. 

According to ASU, there will be more than 100 faculty and staff members honored, including 14 who have been employed for 25 years or more.

Each recipient will receive an award representing their years of service to the university.

Thirty-five-Year Service Award recipients are:

  • Janet E. Coleman, Controller's Office
  • Juan C. Montemayor, Mathematics.

Thirty-Year Service Award recipients are:

  • Chris Ellery, English and Modern Languages
  • Michael Thomas Griffin, Biology
  • David Hegwood, Facilities Management
  • Lorri Morris, Testing Center
  • Mark B. Motl, Computer Science
  • Angela L. Skaggs, Library
  • June H. Smith, Communication and Mass Media.

Twenty-five-Year Service Award recipients are:

  • Kevin A. Boudreaux, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Jay S. Halbert, Facilities Management
  • Jo Nell Harlow, College of Science and Engineering
  • Hal E. Peter, Facilities Management
  • Cody B. Scott, Agriculture.

Twenty-Year Service Award recipients are:

  • Brian M. Braden, Information Technology
  • Aaron A. Carrillo, print shop
  • David A. Carter, chemistry and biochemistry
  • Jackie Droll, Information Technology
  • Adra L. Enos, Career Development
  • Mark L. Hama, English and Modern Languages
  • Karl J. Havlak, Mathematics
  • Joe C. Hereford, Information Technology
  • Keith L. Hoelscher, Financial Aid
  • S. Murat Kara, Accounting, Economics and Finance
  • John C. Mathews, Information Technology
  • Janet L. Meyer, Information Technology
  • Meghan J. Pace, Center for International Studies
  • Bradley C. Petty, Student Affairs
  • Elicia K. Rankin, Purchasing and Operations
  • Hector G. Rios, Central Receiving and Supply
  • Julie J. Ruthenbeck, Career Development
  • Kraig L. Schell, Psychology and Sociology
  • Richard O. Stinnett, Facilities Planning and Construction.

Fifteen-Year Service Award recipients are:

  • Timothy Bonenfant, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Christine M. Burrell, Information Technology
  • Allyn Byars, Kinesiology
  • Kevin Conner, Information Technology
  • Melody D. Kelley, College of Arts and Humanities
  • Kevin Lambert, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Steven R. Snowden, Kinesiology
  • Ben Sum, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Lynette S. Wheeler, Student Accounts.

Ten-Year Service Award recipients are:

  • Jamie Davis Akin, External Affairs
  • Dara Anderson, Information Technology
  • Casey D. Baccus, Freshman College
  • Anthony D. Bartl, Political Science and Philosophy
  • Bruce E. Bechtol, Security Studies and Criminal Justice
  • Cynthia E. Belden, Library
  • Tyler L. Blount, Financial Aid
  • Heather J. Braden, Physical Therapy
  • Lesley L. Casarez, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Janet M. Duggan, Accounts Payable
  • Katie Jones, English and Modern Languages
  • Jessica R. Kramer, Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Haley D. Losoya, Freshman College
  • Judith A. McAnanama, Facilities Management
  • Alan Meeks, Information Technology
  • Kerri D. Mikulik, Admissions
  • Crystal M. Nelms, Freshman College
  • Adam G. Parker, Kinesiology
  • Christena L. Parks, Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Joe'l Sefcik, Athletics
  • Marva J. Solomon, Teacher Education
  • Cheryl K. Stenmark, Psychology and Sociology
  • Matthew T. Walden, Information Technology
  • Thomas W. Watson, Payroll Services
  • Susan C. Williams, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management/VETS Center.

Five-Year Service Award recipients are:

  • Alica M. Atkins, Financial Aid
  • Eddie R. Behrends, Agriculture
  • Tanya Biggs, Office of Development
  • Leah D. Carruth, Teacher Education
  • Victor K. Chhuor, Information Technology
  • Thomas Dibbern, Athletics
  • Kimberly L. Dickerson, Teacher Education
  • Carlos A. Flores, Teacher Education
  • Erin Girsch, Freshman College
  • D. Denise Goddard, Nursing
  • Ridge A. Goodloe, External Affairs
  • Mark A. Halfmann, Facilities Management
  • Omar B. Horner, Center for International Studies
  • Angela M. Howell, Archer College of Health and Human Services
  • Teresa L. Huckaby, Physical Therapy
  • Mellisa Huffman, English and Modern Languages
  • Jodi L. Jackson, University Recreation
  • Reid Jackson, University Recreation
  • Randall F. Jenkins, Student Affairs
  • Ryan M. Johnson, Athletics
  • Clifton T. Jones, Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Raj Kamalapur, Management and Marketing
  • Steven Todd Keniston, Visual and Performing Arts
  • William A. Kitch, David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering
  • David Lewis, Athletics.