Internet games, challenges and puzzles are helping kids avoid online predators, and it's all part of Google's new initiative to help keep kids safe online.

Google said internet safety is one of the most crucial issues the next generation will face, according to a blog post from the company's vice president of engineering.

The effort aims to teach kids to "Be Internet Awesome."

Google said online safety experts helped develop the Be Internet Awesome program. It focuses on helping kids develop the following skills:

  • Be Internet Smart: "Share with care"
  • Be Internet Alert: "Don’t fall for fake"
  • Be Internet Strong: "Secure your secrets"
  • Be Internet Kind: "It's cool to be kind"
  • Be Internet Brave: "When in doubt, talk it out"

The program includes a free online game called Interland where kids can fight off hackers and "one-up cyberbullies."

Google expects kids will pick up skills along the way, such as learning how to avoid online phishing scams, by completing puzzles and challenges.

You can download the curriculum online.

Google hopes the program will be used in schools across the country, so kids can learn to be safe online as new technology develops.

A representative from Google also said the company is working to get the word out about its online safety curriculum by posting updates in Google for Education group forums, featuring the program on its education website and presenting the information at upcoming conferences.

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