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How COVID-19 will impact Angelo State

Angelo State University is changing its admissions process from start to finish.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — It may seem like a negative time during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Angelo State University Admissions Office is making the most of it.  

"I know that's something that might not be on the forefront of their mind right now because of everything that's going on. But here at Angelo State we're just trying to make sure that they understand that they're is that light at the end of the tunnel and we want them here at Angelo State as a part of the Ram family," Robert Sport, ASU assistant director of recruitment, said. 

For students, parents and others who question how a graduating senior will receive their diploma after transitioning to virtual learning, Sport said, "as long as they have that graduation date and they get that credit for the class, the admissions process is still going to move very smoothly for them."

The same goes for middle school students working hard to get into college and who also have made a transition to remote virtual learning with pass-and-fail grading systems. 

"If they have that pass/fail, as long as they have that credit for that class, we're still going to review them for admissions here at ASU," Sport said. 

The admissions office said if students are considering to take the SAT or ACT tests, the admissions team encourages students to take those and send in their scores. For those students who have not taken the test, Sport and the admissions office team said there are alternative options on their application. 

"We have made some slight adjustments for those students that have been affected in taking the ACT and SAT this year to get admitted. For those students worried about that and they have not taking the ACT or SAT yet, definitely want them to contact us so we discuss other options that we have for them at this time," Sport said. 

Sport also said says for those graduating seniors who are accepted, they will still be able to enjoy virtual admission celebrations.

"We partnered with this brand new platform called conduit, which is allowing us to have virtual experiences for students," he said. 

Admitted students have been receiving invitations for virtual events through emails and text messages. 

Interested students can also view the virtual site by clicking here. On the website, they can click on the events tab to find informational and other admission events are coming up for students considering attending the university in the future. The site also has more information on majors, school price, financial aid and more.

"College is still option and we are still open for business," Sport said. 

Sport said students and parents should not hesitate to reach out to the admissions office with any questions and or concerns regarding the entire admissions process.