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Howard College is offering 10 free online classes

People from across Texas can take one or all 10 classes being offered by the college.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Howard College is sticking to true to its word of being a community college, as well as helping the community. 

The school is offering 10 free self-paced online classes. The courses would usually cost somewhere between $95-$115. A person has three months to finish a class, and they can take more than one class.

Howard College Nonprofit Training Coordinator Tracy Simmons said these classes are designed to help people further one’s professional career.

"Academics or CTE courses, we want to make sure that we give every opportunity to the community for them to grow," Simmons said. 

Some of the notable classes are web design, personal finance and individual excellence. There is no cap limit set on the class sizes, so people do not have to worry about the class being filled up. Anyone can sign up for the classes and don’t have to be enrolled at Howard College. 

"The classes being offered are just so that people can take the opportunity to have personal enrichment or for promotion in their career field," Simmons said. 

There is also no age limit set to these classes, and Simmons said she has seen people ages 17 and 18 sign up.  Once the class is completed, the student is awarded a certificate of achievement to attach to a resume.

This is the first time the college has done anything such as this, and Simmons is not sure if or when the school will offer free classes again. She wants everyone to enroll before it is too late and take full advantage Howard College. 

"One thing about Howard College, we are a community college, and I cannot say that enough we are here for the community," Simmons said. 

The last day to sign up for the free online classes is Tuesday, June 30.