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Snyder High School student makes short film with Hollywood actor

Collin Mitten joined the Snyder film program three years ago and has since made more than three short films in and out of his classroom.

SNYDER, Texas — Senior Snyder High School student Collin Mitten found his passion for film and just wrapped up shooting with Hollywood actor Patrick Y. Malone. 

Mitten is originally from Houston and moved to Snyder not too long ago. He arrived at Snyder High with the goal of becoming a doctor. But after joining the Snyder film class, he knew writing, directing and production were his passions.

“Once I was randomly put in the film class I was like ok cool I guess. Once I shot and edited my film for class I was like hey, I really enjoy this,” Mitten said.

In summer 2021, Mitten was able to work on the Abilene Christian University theatre set. After that experience, he threw out all the medical field information he was looking into and realized film is where he was supposed to be. 

Since joining the Snyder film program, Mitten has made more than three films. 

He most recently finished shooting in December 2021. After raising enough money to buy filming equipment, he wrote, produced, directed and edited the nearly 10 minute film. 

Mitten spent $400 of his own money to make the film happen. 

Credit: Valerie Morris

To put the film together, Mitten had to personally set up casting calls for local actors and actresses, spend hours editing and even get connected with Snyder High alumnus Patrick Y. Malone, who mentored him throughout his film. 

Malone has been seen in dozens of films and television shows including "A Different World", "Sister Act Two: Back in the Habit", "Dexter" and "Grand Canyon."

“Malone was straightforward with me about wanting to be in the film and be a part of what I was doing. He has helped me out a lot and I’m so grateful for it,” Mitten said. 

Credit: Collin Mitten

Mitten's film teacher Clark Reed commends him for inspiring him as well as his classmates to fulfill their dreams and work hard for what they want in life. 

“If you spend a few minutes with Collin, you quickly realize this kid is not 18 years old. He’s a 40-year-old in an 18-year-old's body. He’s just so mature, professional and has such an incredible work ethic. He’s made himself invaluable to me and our department,” Reed said. 

After ditching the medical books and really diving into his love for film, Mitten advises those thinking about pursuing their dreams to go ahead and give it a try. 

“To me...opening up, letting loose, and being able to let yourself just do whatever is cool to you is what's important. I've always thought film was cool and all but it's not a place for me...you don't know that until you try so try. That's my biggest thing,” Mitten said. 

The "Delusion" film is a drama/ thriller about a musician who struggles with paranoia and guilt after tragedy struck just a few months prior during one of her concerts.

It is set to premiere sometime in March in the Snyder High School theatre. 

To keep up with Mitten and his upcoming film "Delusion", follow his Facebook page. 

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