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Special education teachers are adjusting to the new way of life

While some special education teachers are staying in the classroom, others are having to adjust to online instruction.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The world of education is continuing to change every day for teachers.

As school doors are now open with some students in the classroom and others on the computer, the new changes have been a challenge for special education teachers.

Brownwood Independent School District Special Population Director Darla Peters is working with her teachers and said everyone is doing their part.

"I can say everybody is adjusting well," Peters said. "We had meetings and training, and everybody is talking with each other and consulting with each other."

Some of the new things Brownwood is doing is implementing its new online system for special education teachers. The new system will help with face-to-face instruction between the teacher and student.

It will also be providing remote instruction to the parents so they can help.

The system will make sure everyone is on the same page, and make sure the students working from home can continue to get an education.

As for the students in the classroom a few changes were made, and those changes are following the Center for Disease Control guidelines.

Students are wearing masks and staying six-feet apart.

Even with these new changes Peters said the students have been adjusting better than they would have ever thought.

"They've been great," Peters said "The students have been fantastic they have adjusted better than I think anyone ever would have would have imagined it has been unbelievable."

As we move across West Texas, Eldorado High School has not needed the changes Brownwood has.

The students are all in the classroom and special education teacher Chris Castleman says he has had no trouble at all.

"It's actually pretty easy for us because here at the high school, everybody in class," Castleman said. "So, we kind of have had to deal with anything online at the moment."

Castleman said they will continue to do in-person class until told otherwise, and just like Brownwood they are continuing to adhere to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The goal is still the same for both Brownwood and Eldorado - which is to continue to give each student an education no matter how many changes come their way.