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Texas DPS awards Loraine ISD superintendent for protecting students after bus crash

After quick reaction, Loraine ISD students lives were saved by their superintendent.

LORAINE, Texas — Loraine Independent School District Superintendent Dustin Anders was awarded the Regional Director’s Award by the Texas Department of Public Safety after his brave actions in a school bus crash.

What could have been a devastating day for the Loraine community ended up something the community could celebrate. 

It all happened Oct. 27, 2021, when Anders was transporting 30 students on Interstate 20. Once they crossed a bridge on the interstate, the bus lost power. 

He then pulled the bus to the far right side of the road and instructed all of the students to evacuate the bus.

“In my head, the best solution was to get those students off that bus and in this case, it was the right call,” Anders said. 

Moments later, an 18-wheeler struck the bus. Luckily, neither he nor any of the students who were on the bus were injured.

“I never even dreamt anything like this would ever happen. I got a text from a friend saying he was so glad I got those kids off the bus before the 18 wheeler hit it. Because if the worst might have happened, the Loraine community would never recover,” Anders said.

DPS recognized Anders for his quick decision making and reaction getting those students off the bus when he did. 

“We think the superintendent saved many lives that day. This award we gave him today reaffirms that we have outstanding people here in the community. A lot of times people get overshadowed by a lot of the negative things happening, but today we wanted to recognize outstanding leadership,” DPS North West Region Major Bryan Rippee said. 

Anders hopes he inspired the community and especially his students to always act quickly when they can and said he wouldn't have done anything different that day.

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