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The STAAR test must be taken in 2020-2021, regardless of the COVID-19 situation

With the added stress already caused by COVID-19, some believe the STAAR test should not be given.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — This school year will go down in history as one of uncertainty.

Students had to make the transition to online classes and teachers traded in whiteboards for computers to be able to interact and prepare their students academically. School districts all across West Texas are taking the COVID-19 pandemic day-by-day with nothing guaranteed.

The one guarantee, however, is that the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test must be taken. The decision has San Angelo Independent School District Board of Trustees member Ami Mizell-Flint scratching her head.

"I just think that adding the stress of the STAAR test is really unnecessarily, and adds to what's already going to be a tough year," Flint said.

The upcoming school year which is scheduled to start Aug. 19, but parents have the options to allows their children to be enrolled online or in person.

Flint believes all these choices are already stressful, and having to do it all during a pandemic just makes it more stressful for students.

"However, I think that the STAAR test is used to be what is it the like the high stakes testing," Flint said. "It really puts a lot of stress on students unnecessarily and on teachers unnecessarily."

The STAAR test is administered to students from third grade through high school.

Flint thinks there are better ways for students to reach milestones instead of having to focus all on one test.

"I think that with those other ways of doing the STAAR testing, adding the STAAR test is just unnecessary," Flint said.

For the upcoming school year, the Texas Education Agency has not yet set a date for when the test will be given.