ABILENE, Texas — Abilene's’ "Maxx Air" had a special guest list Thursday morning.

Families from across the Big Country were invited to a special event where children with disabilities were free to roam the trampoline park for 2 hours before opening to the public.

The privacy helped to make it sensory- and special needs-friendly for those who can’t tolerate crowded environments.

The event was hosted by Jamie Thomas, a mother of two as a way to bond the disabled in West Texas.

“The point behind these events is giving families a chance to have experiences in an environment that is more laid back. I want our families to network and connect to build stronger support systems and network." Thomas said. "Also at the same time using my agency to share the resources we offer to help these families in the community.”

The group had 40 children registered and plans on hosting another event this summer at Adventure Cove.