A new organization here in San Angelo is hoping to educate, empower and encourage female veterans across the Concho Valley.

"It's all about supporting one another and encompassing both personal and professional growth, " said Megan Regan, co-founder of Concho Valley Women Veteran's Association (CVWVA).

Army veteran Laura Serrano and Air Force veteran Megan Regan created the first female veteran association. The idea had never been thought about in this area, but they decided to create one.

"There are organizations in Texas but I know San Angelo and when we get together, were going to do it big," said Laura Serrano, co-founder of CVWVA.

The organization had its first meeting on Monday and women of different branches attended.

"It made me realize, wow I've never been apart of something like this and when I was listening, I said yes, I have to be apart of this," said Kimberly Lopez, attendee and active duty military.

Kimberly Lopez said the C-V-W-V-A is something that is going to benefit so many people.

"We're constantly traveling around the world and starting this will help grow into something bigger," Lopez said.

The organization has three values: Encouragement, Empowerment, and Education. The co-founders hope they will not only educate the community, but veterans as well.

"Healthcare benefits through the VA, education benefits through the VA, and things that have to deal with family members as well."

The group has several events planned for the rest of the year. the hope to start a campaign called "We Ask," where a person will ask instead of just implying that someone has served.

"We want each woman veteran to finally be able to tell there story of service because it needs to be heard and their accomplishments need to be celebrated.