Members of the Sheriff's, Police and Fire Department as well as dispatchers spoke to kids on how to properly use and call 9-1-1 Thursday.

The First Responders' meet and greet took place at the North Branch Library in San Angelo.

One of the main goals of the event is to make sure the kids are comfortable and confident if ever they need to call for help in an emergency.

"Because a lot of kids are scared of first responders, they don't know who's coming -- stranger danger -- and this helps them see who's coming if they need help and gives them a voice on the other end of the line if they have to call for help," Heather Medeiros, Concho Valley Council of Governments Regional 911, said.

The kids also got the chance to take a close look inside a police vehicle.

For more information on future events you may visit the Concho Valley Council of Governments Regional 911 website.