ABILENE, Texas — For more than 25 years, the association of ‘Former Members of Congress’ have provided a unique way to educate our students, bringing former members to schools across the country.

This year, two former congressmen from both the democrat and republican party came to Abilene, visiting the local high schools and students from Abilene Christian University.

Former U.S. representative, Jason Lewis from the congressional district of Minnesota, and former U.S. representative, Nick Lampson from the congressional district of Texas.

Both congressmen discussed what it takes to be in congress.

“It's not just a policy making job, it's not just going to Washington and casting a vote on an issue,” says Lampson.

"You get to Washington right from day one you can have an impact,” says Lewis.

They described life within office as ’15-minute increments,’ but don’t regret any of it. They also gave advice to the Abilene students for those who wish to be in congress one day.

"They soon will be the leaders to replace us and to replace people in the city council, the school board, state representatives and president of the United States,” says Lampson.

"If you have a passion and you're doing it for the right reasons and you want to leave the country more prosperous, more free, do it and let the political chips fall where they may, but just do the right thing,” says Lewis.