Movie copyrights: Bad Moms (STXFILMS), Jigsaw (Lionsgate), Thor Ragnarok (Walt Disney Pictures)

This week in theaters is the new release ‘Thor Ragnarok’.

Chris Hemsworth making his return to the big screen in 'Thor Ragnarok.'
This time the thunder god finds himself imprisoned on the other side of the universe as his home world is threatened by a new power.
Joining Hemsworth is Mark Ruffalo as the trusty side-kick Hulk who is first pit against Hemsworth but later aids in saving civilization.

And the ‘Bad Moms’ make a new film, this time Christmas themed.
The trio of over-worked and under-appreciated moms are dealing with the same stress of being mothers and maintaining their house-holds.
This season however, Santa's bringing them a new challenge; entertaining their own mothers for the holidays.

And maintaining its' status at the top of the box office this week is Jigsaw.
The horror movie which debuted on Halloween picks up 10 years after the death of serial killer John Kramer.
Now police are left wondering why bodies are turning up with his m-o.

You can watch all of these movies at Icon Cinema here in San Angelo.