Fewer Americans are crunched for cash. A new survey from BankRate.com finds nearly one in four Americans have no emergency savings at all – but that’s actually the lowest level in six years.

Meanwhile, after the Dow and S&P 500 hit new highs on Monday, stocks slipped on Tuesday, as oil slid to a nine-month low.

Still trying to decide where to go for your summer getaway? This might help: U.S. News and World Report named New York City the best place to visit in the U.S. The Big Apple got big praise for its endless list of things to do.

And if going overseas is more your thing, the same report says Rome is the best place to visit in the world.

And if you can’t make it there, you can always fake it! A new study from LearnVest revealed more than half of all millennials admit to posting fake pictures on social media to make it look like they’re either staying at, eating at or visiting somewhere more expensive than where they actually are.