Home sweet expensive home. The median sales price for an existing home hit an all-time high at nearly $253,000 in May. And that’s apparently not scaring away house hunters because existing home sales actually rose for the month!

While folks are shelling out more for a house, they’re saving money at the pump. Gas prices are falling, down nearly a nickel in the past week to an average of $2.28 a gallon. The big reason for the drop? Oil prices suffering the largest plunge for the first half of the year since 1997.

Something else plunging: shares of department stores. They’re getting clobbered on news that Amazon is planning to bring the dressing room to the shoppers’ home. Customers can now get their clothes delivered to try on, with the option to return any items they don’t want.

So, who says something is better than nothing? According to a new AP poll, the number one thing Americans want to do on vacation is…nothing!