Not enough people are hearing “you’re hired.” The economy created 138,000 jobs in May, fewer than expected. But keep in mind, we’ve gained nearly 600,000 jobs since President Trump took office. Hourly wages have also increased a bit.

Stocks focused on the positives in the jobs report. The Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 all closed at fresh record highs.

Also at a new all-time high? Amazon – big time. The online retail giant closed about $1,000 a share for the first time ever. Jeff Bezos is closing in on Bill Gates in the battle of the billionaires.

And Friday was National Donut Day – and there was a good chance you celebrated at the office! According to a survey conducted by food delivery service Postmates, more than half of Americans bring donuts into work for their officemates. The most popular choice to bring in? Glazed.