Director Christopher Nolan is back with the World War 2 feature "Dunkirk."

Former One Direction band member and one of the stars of the film Harry Styles says Nolan made it easy.

"Chris creates these worlds around you where it makes so much of the reacting so natural," Styles said.

The film takes you on the journey of British soldiers trapped with their allied French soldiers on a beach in Dunkirk, France.

"The reason that Dunkirk is so well known is because of the involvement of the civilians and the civilian community," Jack Lowden, one of the stars of the film, said.

Lowden plays a fighter pilot in the film.

"I just feel really lucky as an actor just in the experiences you get in something like this," Lowden said. "Things you get to see as a person that you never get to see in your life."

"Dunkirk" is rated PG-13.