ABILENE, TX. — Owner of Robbie's Boarding and Grooming, Robbie King, has always had a big heart for animals.

"I started at a veterinary clinic bathing and then their groomer got sick and I kinda just got thrown into it. I loved it so I just kept doing it," says Robbie.

However, she knew there was much more to it.

Opening her own business in 1998 then going on four wheels as mobile grooming in 2005. Robbie started to take in dogs from the Taylor county humane society for free grooming.

"I don't know. I just had this urge to do something bigger. In my own I can help some of the homeless like the humane society, I can help them," says Robbie.

People started leaving dogs on leashes tied to her doorstep.

"They get dumped and it's like they know I'm not going to take them to the pound," she says.

After the community started noticing her good deed, they have been more than willing to help out.