The Albany Lions are off to another successful basketball season.
They're 14-1 so far and dominating opponents, but getting to this point wasn't easy,
Most of the guys were helping the football squad in the playoffs when the season started.
While that time away might've hurt it doesn't mean the chemistry has taken a hit.

Adam Faith, Albany senior guard and former wide receiver, said: “We're all really good friends so, the chemistry is always there in every sport. We don't really have to work on that. We knew we were going to be playing so we were just ready.”

“It's a different sport and it's a whole different concept, but these guys develop a great chemistry in all sports and it carries over.” Ryder Peacock, Albany boys head basketball coach, said.With every game, the football guys are getting more comfortable.
If the team is already dominating, that's a scary thing for other teams they're facing in the future.